The Agassi Story
"The Journey of  a  Tennis Legend"
DVD box collection

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DVD #1

The Agassi Story the road show with Mike Agassi in Las Vegas
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Las Vegas

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Tara street house

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Mike Agassi 1948 Olympics

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Mike and Betty Agassi's wedding

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The four kids

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Mike Agassi
meets Kiss

DVD #2

Tennis Lessons

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  Louis Cayer
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Vic Braden
John Robinson
Sami Aviles
and more from

the top instructors who made tennis easy to play.

Special bonus booklet of the Agassi Story

Think about it:  I was born in Iran in 1930 to Armenian parents, a Christian in an overwhelmingly Muslim country.......................

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Championship match where Andre met Steffi Graf

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The 1992 Wimbledon finals Agassi Vs Ivanisovic

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You get the full 3h45 minutes with no narration. As if you were there in person.

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